Hand built by SASS #87919 Rifleman Jim Daniel



Meets SASS rules = Wild Bunch & Cowboy Action holster.  Chaps, chinks, butt covers, ammo belts, knife sheaths, concealed carry holsters. Check out my Taurus, The Judge Public Defender holster. All custom built to fit.  All holsters are lined. Wild Bunch and Cowboy Action holsters also have rawhide interlining for stiffness and support where they need it.  All belts including ammo belts are fully lined.  Many colors are available.  All custom items are basket stamped and or edge detailed with your choice from a large selection.  Hair-on-hide or Bison available for chaps and chinks.  I use only domestic high quality leather from Herman Oak or Wickett & Craig tanneries.  My work has a durable top coat and or pure Neatsfoot oil.  This gives your leather a beautiful satin sheen.  


Now accepting:  VISA,  MasterCard,  American Express and Discover through PayPal.  I ship using USPS flat rate priority boxes, you pay the actual cost.  


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